Fiber Flex


The FiberFlex EPS is a completely custom surfboard shaped out of high density EPS – expanded poly styrene – with a parabolic carbon fiber frame to create a board with a high energy, rapid spring back resulting in ultimate speed and drive.

The Core

The EPS core is high density EPS – expanded polystyrene – foam with a similar density to your regular PU foam blank. The main advantage of the EPS core is that is has a high strength to weight ratio and good compression stability. This prolongs the life of the core and when combined with the parabolic carbon fiber frame and epoxy laminate your surfboard will maintain it’s liveliness longer that a PU surfboard.

The Parabolic Carbon Fiber Frame

The key to the flex pattern of the FiberFlex boards is the parabolic carbon fiber frame that is constructed within the laminate. The carbon fiber frame is designed to maximise speed and drive whilst maintaining a flex patter that flows with the wave. The structural design of the frame minimises twisting of the board, which results in a very lively and responsive flex pattern. You will feel the board responding to your surfing much quicker, which results in more speed and drive when you need it.

The Epoxy Laminate

The epoxy laminate is the final process in manufacturing the board. It is glassed very similar to a standard PU surfboard only that we use a high quality, UV resistant epoxy resin system. The epoxy resin system creates a highly flexible laminate, resilient to cracking and fracturing and has a flexural life span 2-3 times a polyester resin.

Durability and Repairs

FiberFlex boards are constructed using the latest high performance materials. This does not prevent the board from breakage or compressions. If damage occurs, dry out all water from the EPS core before repairing with

EPOXY resins ONLY! Do Not leave your board in direct sunlight or in a hot confined space ie. Car.