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What Youth: So what’s “Sosa Badman” mean?

Lee Wilson: Blake [Myers] wouldn’t stop saying Sosa to himself on our boat trip. And Sosa is the fictional character from Scarface. He’s a badman. “Sosa Badman.” Sounds cool to me. Thousand names, gotta choose one and stick with it.

In your Afternoon Interview you talk about how you are able to stay home and surf some the best, most productive waves in the world, do you feel like that’s what your part shows?

Yeah for sure. Waves for me at home are always good. I would love to film at Windmills, Teahupoo, Cloudbreak or some long walled right somewhere else in the world but we can only surf the places we can actually get to. We did the best we could with the spare funds I had. We are happy with it and feel blessed.

Tell us about the music. 

The intro song was off a mixtape from a DJ in New York named Beat Pete. Carlo showed me and it sounded pleasant. I felt it.  The “barrel section” song I actually found on Dane’s “Stay tuned” on the What Youth Spotify. I really liked the feel of that song. Growing up in Indonesia, you hear a lot of music that is similar to that. Her voice is nice. For the end part, I wanted to use something that we could do a creative edit to. An abstract song with good tempo and random sounds to match the surfing with.  It made the edit fun to do. I love Sonic Youth. I really wanted to use some raw as fuck gangster shit but we were too happy with the choice we had and went with that.

Look out for 2 minute remix to some G shit coming out later. It’s gotta be done, my brain just won’t let it go.

When you open up the computer, what excites you the most? 

When I know something sick has dropped online, Im always phsyced to watch it.  For me there is nothing better than fresh inspiration. After that, I absolutely love to make edits of our own. Stealing ideas from here and there,  incorporating these ideas into our own.

When you’re filming for a clip, do you consciously think about mixing it up? Tubes, backhand, front hand, airs, turns etc?

Yes I do actually. Taylor Steele once told me to think of how I would like my section to look and list all the things you want in your part (frontside air, alley oop, check turn to blow tail etc). Once something is done and I’m happy with it, I will mentally tick it off and do something else. Of course it doesn’t always go to plan and I don’t bag some the clips I would like to have, but that’s life.

Frame grabs from “Sosa Badman” starring Lee Wilson, premiering Monday at WhatYouth.com



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