Chilli Summer Board Test

3 Models - By Chilli Surfboards

What: We got our numero uno Chilli Surfboards Bali team rider (Mr Lee Wilson) to order 3 models of his choice. Told him that they all had to be surfed in 0ft to 4ft surf, over 1 day. We filmed and photographed it.
Churro Round (shop/view here)
Pretty Sweet (shop/view here)
Black Vulture (shop/view here)
Where: Canggu, Echo Beach, Bali
What Happened?: 11 hours at the beach, low tide, high tide, crowds, off-shore, on-shore, and the 3 boards ridden by Lee. He had a blast and rode each board in conditions he thought were best suited. For more info about the boards click the 'shop/view here' links above. Any questions? we are happy to answer about the day, please fire away to us here:
Filmed and Edited by - Jimmy Jazz Kinnaird
Photography by - Joey Griffiths

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