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Chilli Custom Order Program

Customized by you, designed by James and crafted by Chilli

Add a personal touch, create one of a kind and gain a personal best performance. Our new custom board builder gives you a blank canvas to build from. Add colour, change sprays, change a logo position or colour create your perfect board. Want performance? add some volume, tweak the tail, add carbon or select how many fins your after. Come on in and see what it's all about and let the board you want to build come to life.

How it works:

Can't find the board you want from stock? We have a range of stock models finished and you can view and purchase right here

Ok, let's get into how the custom board builder works. It's very interactive. Start clicking starting from the Surfboard Model option and watch it all come to life, read the below steps as you go.

This is where you can custom design your very own board. It's simple really, select an option from every category in the side menu, starting from the top working your way down the options.

Once you have designed your new board and sent through the order, we will contact you shortly after to double check your order.

Here is the step by step guideline below for each and every option. Any questions? Visit our FAQ's page or hit contact to speak with customer service.

Board Details

Surfboard Model

We have an extensive range of boards and have a model for every surf. Choose the model as a base and this is what your board will be created from this is the what model the rocker, rails, tail, nose, over all outline, bottom contours, deck contours will be designed off.


This is what your board will be constructed from. We explain this thoroughly on our technology page here. If you know what your after go right ahead, if you want to explore please do so in here. Options are:

PU Stringer:

The most common type of technology. PU foam blank, timber stringer and Polyester resin. All conditions

EPS Stringer:

We recommend this if you after strength with minimal weight. Polystyrene foam blank, timber stringer and Epoxy resin. Great for small gutless waves

EPS Future Flex:

A parabolic flex and alternate technology. Polystyrene foam blank, Carbon Parabolic rails (for strength) and Epoxy resin. All conditions

EPS X Core Reactor:

A new flex and fresh zing to your board. Polystyrene foam blank, two Carbon stringers (for strength) and Epoxy resin. All Conditons

Recommended Stock Measurements - Custom Measures

This is a guideline for you so you don't go customizing a board that will change the actual base design too much from it's original model concept. We recommend selecting the 'length' you want and this will auto select the 'width and 'thickness' as per our stock recommendation.

From here move down to the next option and adjust the width and thickness, giving you a guideline from what we built the model off.


Select your desired length to then customize the width and thickness below


we recommend not going more then 3/4 of an inch wider or narrower then stock dimensions


we recommend not going more then 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch thicker or thinner then stock dimensions

Please note, this is only a guideline by us. If you have questions please ask, if you aren't sure please ask. We are here to help you create the best custom board for you. You'll also notice the volume will disappear once the width or thickness is altered from the stock measure, we will see this and give you the correct volume after you submit your order.

Tail Type

We obviously have a tail designed to the stock model but this is where you can change the drive in your board. Chilli designs each of our models with a specific tail in mind. Changing this will change the way the surfboard performs. However, if you would like to experiment, feel free to choose a different tail option.


Quite simply this is what fin system you want. We recommend going with what you already have in the past so you can use the fins you already have, but, if your up for a change the option is there. Follow this and select your:

Fin System: FCS or Futures

Fin Number: Thruster (3 fin boxes) or Quin (5 fin boxes)

Fin System Option: FCS - X2 (original 2 tab) FCS II (new keyless sytem) and box colour or FUTURES box colour

Fin Number info

Thruster: Is the most common configuration. The rail fins help create speed, while the centre fins gives you drive and stability.

Quad: Quad fins are fast and loose. The quad set-up draws water through the middle of your board which creates speed. A lot of fun!

Quin: This option is for someone who can't decide whether they want a thruster or a quad. You can change from one to the other. This is also a great way to experiment with your board, because it will surf completely different in a quad to how it surfs in a thruster!

Glassing Details


Ultra light: This is a very light glass job, one layer of 4oz glass on the deck and one layer of 4oz glass on the bottom. This make the board, light and fast. However, this also means the boards durability won't last like the other options. Performance over durability for this option.

Innegra *special:

Regular: This is what Chilli Surfboards recommends when ordering your board. Two layers of 4oz glass on the deck and one layer of 4oz glass on the bottom. It isn't too heavy and it isn't too light, it's just right! All our stock boards we make are made with this option.

Heavy: This glass job definitely makes the board stronger, but also the extra weight of the cloth adds weight to the board. Two layers on the deck made up of 1 layer of 6oz and 1 layer of 4oz glass, then on the bottom is one layer of 4oz glass. We recommend this option if you are surfing waves of consequence or you are heavy footed and tend to dint your boards or simply want durability in your boards.

Extra Heavy: Recommended by us for the ordering of our Step-Up models. Two layers of 6oz glass on the deck and one layer of 4oz glass on the bottom. Great for big surf and heavy waves of consequence.

Stripes Carbon Patches

Stripes Carbon patches help to reinforce strength on your rail around the tail. We do this, because the tail area is the first place to give out on your surfboard. This is due to the fact that your toes and heals really dig in when surfing. You can either get Stripes Carbon or Heal and Toe patches (clear 4 ounce cloth).

Chilli Decal

We have pre-set decal positions for each model but, this is where you can customize your board and create something outside the model pre-sets. Choose one and then try them all watching the board builder create the perfect layout for your custom board.


Our unique sprays are rolled on by a foam roller using a water based paint. Be aware, nothings ever done the same but we do our best to keep uniform through out. By having it this way everything is unique, everything has it's own character and look.

Start clicking on a spray and select your favourite. Visit our spray page here too. We do custom sprays outside what you see listed, please contact customer service to get your quote.

Leash Plug & Clip Colour

Teamed up with Futures Fins we designed our own unique leash plugs and you can change the colour if you like. Start clicking away and select your favourite.

Name On Stringer

Very simple, what ever your write in here, Chilli will write on the foam down near the dimensions in pencil and it will be there to stay forever.

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