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Faded 2.0 5'9"

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Board Dimensions:
Size   Width   Thickness   Volume
5'9" x 18 3/4" x 2 5/16" = 26.00
Board Features

Tail Shape: Round Pin

Fin System: Futures 5 fin setup

Construction: PU Stringer

Wave Size: 3 - 8 Ft

Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

Wave Type: All Types of Waves, Beach Break, Hollow Beach Break, Point Break and Reef Break

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Chilli Surfboards USA
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United States
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Need a ‘good wave’, one board quiver? Well, this is the board you’re after. The second incarnation of the Faded is designed for hollow, heavier waves, this board paddles like a step-up and surfs like a shortboard. Designed with Jay Davies with both overseas travel and pumping waves at home in mind, this board has been put through its paces in places from Costa Rica to West Oz. While it’s primarily designed for hollow tubes, don’t worry, it’ll glide like butter in good waves anywhere from 3 foot to 8-plus.

OUTLINE: The Faded 2.0 has a full nose (paddle power) and smooth middle to relatively straight bottom 1/3 of the board which gives the board drive out through the rounded pin-tail.

ROCKER: The board has a flat-medium entry, and a smooth medium tail rocker. This compliments the double concave and vee bottom contour. In essence, it’s fast with a lot of control in tight situations

CONTOURS: Bottom contour is single concave from 12 inches down to middle of the board, a slight double concave from the midpoint runs down into a vee out through the tail. This gives the board hold and drive when you’re in hollow, fast waves where control is necessary.

RAIL: Low-medium. Good for holding a line in fast, hollow waves.

WAVE HEIGHT: 3 – 8 foot.

SURFER SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to advanced.

FINS: Comes as a 5-fin set-up. The thruster set-up is standard with the quad rears placed slightly more together. As a result, this board as a quad is fast and has crazy amounts of hold. Fin Recommendations: Control comes to mind with a board like this, so these are the fins we recommend:

Thruster - FCS II Carver Template
Quad - FCS II Carver Template quad Rear
Thruster – FUTURES JJF template
Quad – FUTURES QD4 template

PERFORMANCE: When designing a ‘good wave’ board you need to ensure the performance attributes complement each other. The Faded 2.0 was built to do exactly that. Explicitly, it is the boards outline, rocker, and bottom contours which make this board work so well.
The top 1/3 has a full-ish outline and is packed with volume, combine this with a flat entry rocker and you’ll find chipping into big waves a breeze. Whether the waves are fast and hollow, or big and chunky, this board has the ability to paddle into it (insanity not included).
Through the middle section the board ‘mellows out’ with a single concave, straight outline and low rail bite give this board both speed, and bite to hold a line. The back-third of the board is where the control is generated. The double concave into a vee out the tail gives this board great rail-to-rail transition and also helps the board hold a line when you’re racing across the face, drawing a controlled bottom turn, or aiming to strike noon off the lip.
All in all this board is a paddle machine at the front and controlled fun-park at the rear.
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