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We're excited to announce a new custom surfboard consultation service giving you direct access to one of the world's leading surfboard designers, James "Chilli" Cheal. James has a wealth of experience in designing custom surfboards to suit every level of surfer. For over 3 decades he's designed boards for multiple World Champions (Kelly Slater, Adriano de Souza, Mick Fanning and the late Andy Irons to name a few) to the average weekend warrior and everyone in between. James' knowledge of surfboard design and attention to detail is unmatched.

No matter where you live around the world, you can now book a one-on-one consultation with James to discuss, refine and design your next custom surfboard on the spot. Using Shape 3D software, you'll be able to watch as James refines every aspect of your surfboard to give you a board that best suits your individual requirements.

Whether you're struggling to get your current board to work, getting back into surfing after a period out of the water, or wanting to buy a unique experience for the surfer that 'has everything'; this is a great way to enhance anyone's surfing journey.

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This service costs AUD$75.00, add your appointment to the cart and follow through to the payment checkout.

You won't require shipping for this service so be sure to select I WANT TO PICK UP MY ORDER during checkout. If you're purchasing additional products shipping will be required.

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your date and time. Another email will shortly follow containing a Zoom Invite link to your digital meeting.


How long will it go for?
Each consultation will run for up to 45 mins.

How should I prepare for the meeting?
Like any meeting, preparation is important. We suggest having some idea of what you are wanting to achieve with your custom board. If you don't have any idea what you want, that's fine too! It's what we're here for :-).
Some basics to have ready:

1. Current weight and height
2. Current favourite surfboard (any brand) dimensions (length, width, thickness and volume if possible).
3. If you?re after a spray or tint, always good to have picture references we can work off.

An honest assessment of your surfing ability is also going to help get the best possible outcome from the process. It will help James steer you in the right direction if selecting a model and assist in tweaking the design itself to best suit your surfing ability.

What will you and James cover?
James will go through a comprehensive checklist that covers everything required to make you the best possible surfboard to suit your physical attributes, level of fitness, surfing ability and intended wave conditions.
Once you move onto the board itself, you'll go through:

1. Model selection
2. Dimensions - length, width, thickness
3. Volume
4. Rails
5. Tail
6. Bottom contours
7. Rocker
8. Construction (PU / EPS etc)
9. Glassing options
10. Logo placements & colours
11. Fin system & set up
12. Art & colour options

Some of the above points might require more time to discuss than others, will depend on what things you would like to work with James on the most.

What does it cost?
AUD$75.00 for the appointment with James, payable when you book the appointment. The board, construction, any additions (colour, fin boxes etc) will be calculated at the conclusion of the meeting. Prices will vary between regions, but we will be able to provide you with an accurate itemised price at the conclusion of the meeting in your local currency.
The pricing structure for a custom board is straightforward. We begin with the base price of the board (PU or Twin Tech EPS plain white 3 fin), then when items such as a spray or additional fin boxes are added, each of these items will come with an additional cost. We will provide you with the exact cost breakdown at the conclusion of the meeting. We will then send you a sales order confirmation with all the details of your board for you to check over. To place the board into production, we'll require full payment to be made.

Do I have to place the order on the spot?
You don't have to. We can store all the information for you, and you can come back and place the order whenever suits you.

Production times?
Production times will vary depending on where you are located around the world and the time of year. As a general guide, most regions operate on lead times of between 4 to 8 weeks for custom orders. At the end of the consultation James will give you an indication of likely production time.

Where will the board be manufactured?
We have multiple manufacturing facilities around the globe that are authorised to produce Chilli surfboards within their respective regions. Depending on where you are based, we will build the board in the region closest to where you are located. Regions include Portugal, Chili, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and the USA to name a few. If you?re not located in any of these countries, don?t worry, we will work with the closest region and provide you with shipping details. If you want your board produced in a particular region as a preference, we can certainly accommodate that.

Are there any restrictions to what I can order?
No, you can order multiple boards, Twin Tech EPS or PU construction, custom sprays, tints, fin setups etc. For any custom artwork or colours, we do recommend you have a reference picture on hand so we can match colours.

Anything Else?
Shoot an email to custom@chillisurfboards.com and we'll get back to you.

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